The most popular woven label quality is damask, as they offer the finest detail of design.  However, it is important to know the characteristics of all label quality options before making your choice.  There are 3 main woven label qualities – damask, satin and taffeta.  We have profiled each below.


As stated, damask is the most popular label quality and offers the finest detail in terms of design.  They provide a high quality label with a smooth, soft texture and are suitable for all types of garment and accessory branding.

If you have detailed designs and fine or small text, damask will offer the best reproduction of artworks.  A further benefit of damask labels is that they can be produced in any colours with yarns being matched to Pantones.


Offering a very soft and smooth feel, satin woven labels are often used on children’s wear and women’s apparel.  While providing a luxurious looking label with a shiny appearance, there are some limitations regarding design which mean they are not suitable for all designs and uses.

Firstly, they do not offer the level of detail that damask woven labels do, meaning small text and designs may not be suitable.  Secondly, there are limited options available for ground colour with your options being black, white, cream or silver.


The final and least popular choice of woven label quality is taffeta.  Similar to satin labels, they are not suitable for finer designs but offer an inexpensive label for bolder, simple designs.

Tafetta labels do also not offer the soft feel that you get with damask or satin so are commonly used for external branding of outerwear and accessories rather than as an internal label that could be in contact with the skin.  As with damask woven labels, there are no restrictions with colour with us matching to Pantone references.



All our woven labels are made bespoke to your requirements so you can specify the size you require.


We offer a range of fold options including end fold, centre fold and manhattan fold.  A full list with illustrations can be found on our woven label page here.


Ideally we require artwork as a vector file in AI, EPS or PDF format.  However, we can in most instances work with a high resolution JPEG.


If you would like to view examples of all these qualities of woven label as well as some special label examples, visit our woven labels page – U.K.P. Accessories | Woven Labels

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