Our custom woven labels can be produced in any size, colours and design to ensure you have the perfect label for your garments and accessories whether it be for brand identification or garment embellishment. To help you along the way with your designs, we have compiled a design guide which includes information on a number of different factors and considerations.


The guide is split into the following sections.

1. Quality
We discuss the various woven label qualities available including damask, satin and tafetta, covering the key characteristics of each.

2. Size
There are various factors that determine the size of your woven label such as design, usage and content.

3. Design & Colours
Information regarding design possibilities and how we match colours.

4. Cut and Fold Options
There are various cut and fold options including end fold, straight cut and mitre fold.

For further details on the above and to make sure you get the perfect label for your branding, visit the full guide on the below link.


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