Clothing Badges

Our embroidered and woven badges can be produced in a range of sizes, styles and colours to meet your specific requirements and ensure you have the perfect label for branding your garments and accessories. View examples of our badges below.

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Styles & Materials

Embroidered Badges

Our embroidered badges can be fully embroidered, partially embroidered, or embroidered onto materials such as felt and faux leather. They result is a hard-wearing label with a textured, 3D appearance for an eye-catching piece of branding. Edges can be either embroidered or merrowed.

Woven Badges

Woven badges can provide finer detail than embroidered badges so would be more suited to more complex designs. They also do not offer the textured or raised design of embroidered badges but are a more cost effective option. These badges can be die-cut to shape or have a merrowed edge.

Printed Badges

A further alternative is a printed badge. As with woven badges, our printed clothing badges provide finer detail but offer no raised or textured designs. Ideal for where there are small logo elements or text that needs to be visible. These badges are supplied with a merrowed edge.

Our badges are suitable for a range of garments and accessories. They are typically stitched-on to items or we can supply with a glue backing to heat apply.

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