Woven Labels

Our custom woven labels can be produced in any size, colours and design to ensure you have the perfect label for your garments and accessories whether it be for brand identification or garment embellishment. With a range of quality and finishing options available, we can produce a woven label to suit your budget and style.

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Woven Label Qualities


Damask is the most popular woven label quality and offers the finest detail in terms of design across various densities. They provide a high quality label with a smooth, soft texture and are suitable for all types of garment and accessory branding with no limitation on colours.


Satin woven labels provide a luxurious looking soft and smooth label often used on childrenswear and women's apparel. However, there are limitations with the label base colours available and they also do not offer the level of detail that can be achieve with a damask woven label.


Taffeta woven labels do not offer the level of detail that can be achieved on a damask label or the level of softness that satin labels provide so are often used for external branding on footwear and accessories rather than as an internal label that would come into contact with the skin.

Woven Label Resources

Some additional resources to help with your woven labels designs.
Design Guide

If you're struggling with your woven label designs, our guide covers quality, size, colours and everything else you need to consider.

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Cut & Fold Options

There are a range of cut and fold options available for your woven labels. Check out the link below with details and illustrations.

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Care Symbols

If you have wash information on your woven label, you can download the care symbol icons for for USA, Europe, Canada, China & Japan.

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